Workshop on Results Based Management for AEITI Stakeholders

A one-day workshop on Results Based Management (RBM), Performance Management Framework and Monitoring and Evaluation of the AEITI 2020 Work Plan, was undertaken on February 4, 2020.  The aim of the workshop was to discuss the Workplan in its’ new RBM-PMF format as a tool to improving governance, strengthening AEITI Activities, enhancing decision measuring outcomes through monitoring and evaluation.  The workshop provided participants with knowledge and understanding of principles of RBM, benefits and opportunities it provides to the MSG and AEITI Secretariat.  To have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the RBM, the Logic Model and PMF and on monitoring and evaluation processes.  A review of the workplan through interactive groups sessions allowed for specified  indicators to be created for each of the selected activities and requirement of the EITI Standard. Feedback from participants, trainer observations and final evaluation from participants were also undertaken.

Total 25 participants from MSG constituencies and AEITI staff were participated, this workshop was financially funded by EU through facilitation of IRF, the workshop started at 9:00 Am and ended on 4:00 Pm of that same day in line with agenda.