Workshop on Mineral Governance, EITI Standard, Women role in the Mining sector

A one day workshop was held on Wednesday, 11th Nov 2020 at MoMP Museum hall for employees of MoMP’s directorate of Kabul and CSOs; the workshop was supported by GIZ and the trainers included from the Gender department of MoMP, AEITI, GIZ and Kabul directorate of MoMP’s director. Around 65 participants attended the workshop; the workshop was to introduce the participants to the Mineral Governance, EITI Standard, Mining Roadmap and Women role in the Mining sector.

Representatives of each organizations provided presentations on their respective organizations – the AEITI national coordinator Mr. Sayes along with an introduction of AEITI to the participants also spoke about the current progress including AEITI’s latest achievement i.e. lifting of suspension by EITI board – he said that AEITI had been a candidate of AEITI since 2010 and was suspended by the EITI board in 2019 due to not meeting EITI standard and insufficient progress. He said that in response to that decision, AEITI made an action plan to restore AEITI’s candidateship and together with the support and strong political commitment, was able to finally overcome some challenges and finally in October 2020, was able to restore its candidateship with EITI – he said that the secretariat was informed of the EITI board’s decision formally in the previous month that Afghanistan’s suspension has been lifted.

In the following sessions of the workshop, the representative of gender department provided a presentation on women’s role in the mining sector including the challenges with regard to gender inequalities and opportunities within the extractive sector paving the way to a debate on how women could overcome those challenges. At the end of this session, the participants especially the female participants expressed their views on the topic.

In the last session of the workshop, the director of MoMP’s Kabul directorate provided a presentation on the developments taken place – including reflecting on legal explanations of certain laws and clauses of mineral law.

At the end of the workshop a certificate distribution ceremony was held where the participants were awarded certificates for their participation in the workshop.