Workshop on EITI Standards and Validation Process

AEITI held a one day workshop at the conference room of Ministry of Mines and Petroleum yesterday; participants from Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, Civil Society Organizations and Private Sector attended the workshop. The workshop was part of the action plan to raise awareness about AEITI and to build the capacity of the stakeholders on EITI and its standards.

During the first session of the workshop, the participants were introduced to EITI and its implementation in Afghanistan where they were informed on “what was EITI and how it was being implemented in Afghanistan” along with achievements and the developments of the initiative.

At the end of the first session a Q&A session was held where participants expressed their interest in the initiative and asked questions on different aspects related to EITI and its implementation in the country.

In its second session, the workshop mainly focused on the EITI standards; a detailed presentation on EITI standard was given where each standard with minutely discussed. The aim of providing a detailed overview of the standards was also important because mostly the participants were key stakeholders of AEITI i.e. from different directorates of MoMP and MoF and who were also the reporting entities within both these ministries. So it was important that these participants were fully briefed on the standards to avoid any confusion in the reporting process in the future. In the end, a Q&A session was also held to address the questions of the participants.

The participants acknowledged that AEITI could be a very useful tool to bring reforms and transparency within the sector but were critical of the initiative in implementing the standards in a true sense. They said that despite the achievements, AEITI has been unable to bring justice to the local communities where contracts have been awarded but the locals of that areas were forced to abandon their places and who were now living in miserable conditions and the Government and the company wasn’t doing anything for them in terms of compensation. They said that AEITI should raise their voice for such people.

The participants were told to bring these matters to the table of the MSG where they, the MSG would certainly address and follow-up these issues with Government.

Later at the closing of the workshop, a copy of Validation guide was distributed to the participants to enable them to understand how the process worked and how they will be able to address the challenges and meet the EITI standards.