Workshop on EITI Standard and Valiadtion Expectations


AEITI held a workshop for its stakeholders on EITI standard and Validation Expectations; the workshop was part of a planned series of awareness raising program for senior Government officials of MoMP, MoF, SAO, MoCI Central Statistics and AOGRA, Civil Society Organizations and Private Sector. The workshop was part of the action plan to raise awareness about AEITI among the senior government officials of relevant agencies/ministries and to build their capacity on EITI standard and Validation expectations.

In the first session of the workshop, the participants were introduced to EITI and its implementation in Afghanistan where they were informed on “what was EITI and how it was being implemented in Afghanistan” along with achievements and the developments of the initiative.

In its second session, the workshop mainly focused on the EITI standards; a detailed presentation on EITI standard was given where each standard was minutely discussed. The topics which were of immense importance for the participants to understand were mostly how the EITI worked and what EITI expected of a country to meet its standards. These included the eight requirements within the EITI standard which were critical to complying and successfully implementing EITI.

Discussing the Validation Expectations, the participants were presented with the previous validation report which had underlined the key areas where Afghanistan EITI had scored less and were damaging for AEITI. These areas were identified and the corrective actions were discussed with the participants.

Later at the closing of the workshop, an informational package of AEITI was distributed among the participants to enable them to understand how the process worked and how they will be able to address the challenges and meet the EITI standard.