MSG updated on the recruitment process of AEITI National Coordinator

The meeting was chaired by H.E. Minister of Mines and Petroleum and due to limited time, only the recruitment of National Coordinator was discussed.

The Minister of Mines and Petroleum expressed her discontent with the attendance of the MSG’s members in the meetings and directed the secretariat to prepare an attendance sheet which also contains the time of the member’s arrival. It was agreed that such a procedure should be prepared which determines their roles according to their terms of reference including the time which they arrive at the meetings and when this mentioned guide is prepared it should be shared with all the members of the MSG. H.E. the Minister of Mines and Petroleum said that if any member of the MSG cannot participate in the meeting, they should resign from the MSG. She further added that if any member of the MSG is unable to attend three MSG meetings consecutively, the MSG will decide about their membership. It was agreed that the mentioned guide will highlight the MSG members’ participation in the meetings i.e. on what time does members arrive for the meetings and how communications between the MSG members should take place.

It was agreed that a 3 member committee should be established to inquire into the matter and present its report to the MSG in its next meeting; the members includes Mr. Javed Noorani, Mr. Bashir Ahmad Andesha, Mr. Abdul Mateen and GIZ as observer.

It was agreed that if any member of the MSG fails to participate in the MSG meeting for consecutive 3 times, the MSG would take action on it