Training Workshop on Transparency Portal – Panjshir

A Transparency Portal training was organized and conducted on 22nd of July 2020 in Directorate of Mining and Petroleum (MoMP) hall, Panjshir province. Mr. Mohammad Qais Yaseeni the representative of Free Election and Transparency Watch (FETWO) Organization and Mr. Allahmohammad Ahmadzai, the representative of the Organization of Fast Relief and Development (OFRD) delivered the training on “How to use the transparency portal” website to disseminate information regarding mining and extractives in Panjshir. In this workshop, concerns, issues and the challenges existed in mining sector were elaborated and ideas and opinions regarding upcoming plans were discussed.

The civil society representatives, the director of Mining and Petroleum of Panjshir province and other participants emphasized that they will be trying their level best to utilize the mentioned processes for an accurate data entry and a good financial and registry system within the Panjshir province; they also assured that they will ensure effective advocacy in order to strengthen the transparency portal and it was also indicated by the CSOs  that they will be supporting government in each of the aspects.

The Director of mining and petroleum directorate welcomed the mentioned trainings in Panjshir province, the overall training has been stated to train all the CSOs of related sectors to discuss about the transparency portal and exchange ideas on how to create transparency and to hold more information regarding mines, companies working in this area in Panjshir and how to increase the private companies contribution and coordination in this sector.

OFRD and FETWO organizations both encouraged the participants to use the transparency portal as best tool for mining and more informative materials. At the end of the workshop, AEITI packages were been distributed to all the participants. It was acknowledged by the participants that such kinds of trainings can build and improve their capacity; the training concluded with Local directorate of MoMP’s employees and other participants’ comments and feedbacks regarding their role in each aspect of the mining sector.