Training Workshop on "Transparency Portal" - Badakhshan


A training on “Transparency Portal” was organized and conducted on 16 June 2020 in Directorate of Economy (DoE) hall, Badakhshan province by FETWO and OFRD.

The training was intended to train all the participants on using the transparency portal website to save more information regarding mining and extractives in Badakhshan province. In the training session, the concerns, issues and the challenges existed in mining sector were also addressed and a certain portion of the training was on elaborating the ideas and opinions regarding upcoming plans in Badakhshan province of Afghanistan.

The participants were introduced to utilizing the best practices for an accurate data entry and a good registration system within the directorate of mining and petroleum of Badakhshan province --  a certain time slot was allotted for discussion to give the participants and the Organization of Fast Relief and Development (OFRD) and Free Elections Transparency Watch Organization (FETWO) representatives an  opportunity to come together and work on “how to play a better role in the extractive sector of the country”.

The training was intended to introduce participants of related sectors and directorates about transparency portal and exchange ideas on how to bring transparency and to hold more information regarding extractive companies and working in Badakhshan province and how to boost private companies’ contribution and coordination in the sector.

OFRD and FETWO the organizers of the training, made considerable efforts to encourage the participants on using the transparency portal as a best tool for mining.