Secretariat’s work plan discussed by MSG members

Afghanistan Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (AEITI) 2018 work plan and the preparation process of AEITI 6th reconciliation report were taken under study by MSG members in a one day workshop held in Kabul and the MSG specified time for each activity. The process to start working on AEITI 6th reconciliation report will switch on within a few months and according to the work plan the report will publically be published in October 2018, during this period of time a company will be hired for preparing the report and MSG together with MoF and MoMP will work to collect data for the report. First part of the secretariat’s work plan which included information about the 6th reconciliation report was discussed by MSG and all parties agreed on. Second part of the work plan which talks about AEITI’s outreach trips was also discussed and all participants shared their views about, and it was decided that by the end of 2018 secretariat’s outreach trips must reach to 10 provinces and before the new year, strategy of outreach trips must be renewed.

Once again the MSG members emphasized that national coordinator for AEITI must be hired as soon as possible, which indeed will help to implement the new work plan under his/her leadership. The MSG asked to hold another meeting soon in order to discuss the remaining of the work plan.