Public Awareness Program - Kunar Province by Eastern Zone Precious and Semi-precious Stones Association

A public awareness program was held in Chapa Dara & Paich Dara of Kunar province by The Eastern Zone Precious and Semi-Precious Stones Association and in collaboration with the Department of Mines, district Governors, Police chiefs of Chapa Dara and Paich Dara districts, members of local council and tribal elders. The main purpose of this setup was to legalize, formalize and regulate mining activities and meanwhile to aware the people of these districts about the pros and cons of Illegal Mining. First, the representative of the Department of Mines informed the participants about the value of mines, types of licenses, road map or road map, benefits of illegal mining in accordance with the program. The losses and the objectives of the ministry were discussed in detail and information was given and it was pointed out that Kunar-Chapa Dara and Paich Dara districts are among the districts in the province which are rich in precious and semi-precious stones. He called on all the youth and tribal elders of Chapa Dara district and Paich Dara not to allow anyone to engage in illegal mining and to cooperate fully with the government in this regard. He also said that there are specific laws, regulations and procedures for mining and according to the mining law, no person can engage in mining activities without obtaining a license, permit or contract. To prevent illegal mining, all real and legal persons who are eligible and interested in mining contract can apply to the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum. On the other hand, Ezatullah (Haqmal), head of the Eastern Zone Precious and Semi-Precious Stones Traders' Association, told tribal elders, councils members and local residents that he would strictly protect this national treasure (Precious & Semi Precious Stones) and the values of legal mining and would not let any to do illegal extractions. Participants also called on the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum to bring easiness in the contract awarding which indeed will result in encouraging and convince the interested companies to invest.  He also called on the security forces to carry out their duties with utmost honesty and integrity in curbing the smuggling of minerals on the roads. At the end of the program, Participants praised the performances of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum and pledged full cooperation. Haji Mohammad Jalal, Executive Director of Kunar Chamber of Commerce and Industry, also called on national businessmen and investors to set up factories and business centers for processing precious and semi-precious stones in the country this will result in work opportunities arising and on the other hand the precious and semi-precious stones sector will grow in the eastern provinces. at the end of this event, the people of Paich Dara and Chapa Dara in Kunar - received comprehensive information on precious and semi-precious stones, as well as license awarding issues and mining law and regulations.