Outreach Workshop to Herat Academia


Conducting its outreach campaign in Herat province, AEITI held an outreach workshop for around 200 students and teachers where the initiative, its implementation and developments were discussed. In this one day workshop at Jami University, the participants were introduced to AEITI, its reports and standards. The participants were mostly interested in the matter of disclosing beneficial ownership and contracts which they believed was a way towards transparency in the extractive sector.

In this outreach program, the findings of the 5th EITI report were shared with the students and teachers of the said university and also the present challenges in the sector were discussed. In the beginning of the workshop, the developments and standards of EITI were fully introduced to the audience. Meanwhile in the workshop the discussions also took place on how EITI and its standards were being implemented and how it can lead to transparency in the country.

In the workshop the issue of the beneficial ownership was also discussed and it was said that it will be fully implemented by 2020 by the Government of Afghanistan.

In the workshop, the audience were informed about the efforts of the Government of Afghanistan in securing the full membership of EITI and for that the reforms which were brought in the past eight years in the extractive sector to fulfill the requirements of EITI.

The role of the civil society in the EITI implementation was also highlighted to the audience and how civil society and general public were critical to the initiative was another important topic finding its way in the discussions. The participants of the workshop after discussions and Q&A session, emphasized on measures which can enable Afghanistan to prevent illegal mining and corruption in the extractive sector and also to get the full membership of EITI.

On the topic of beneficial ownership, the definition of the beneficial ownership was discussed with participants and it was noted that the implementation of this definition in the extractive sector will benefit the general public. The participants present in the workshop appreciated the sharing of information and asked the central and local governments to continue such initiatives. They were of the opinion that such initiatives could bridge the gaps and mistrust among the Government and general public.

 The findings and recommendations of the 5th EITI report were also shared with the students which shed light on the revenue management and also the reforms which the government has brought within the sector. The findings were termed as critical by the participants of the workshop and they called on the Government to take concrete steps to ensure transparency in the sector.

Afghanistan declared its candidacy to EITI some 7 years ago and has undergone several reforms and developments during this time to get the full membership of EITI.