MSG’s Preparation for Validation

In its three day’s workshops and meetings, MSG took its preparatory steps for Validation; the MSG members in its previous two sittings in MoMP reviewed in details the developments and preparations it had taken for Validation as an exercise of self-assessment. In this Validation, the EITI Validation team will evaluate the developments and implementation of EITI standards and will also include consultations meetings with different stakeholders of AEITI to have an evaluation of the process and the stakeholders’ involvement in it. In its several sittings, the MSG members have noted that an increased political engagement and commitment has been witnessed and there were some reforms within MoMP which were welcomed by the members; similarly the active participation of Civil Society and Private Sector could also be a very good indication and a step forward in gaining good points within Validation.

In its sittings, the MSG discussed the Licenses and Contracts and their disclosure and called the developments positive and called for a unified system which could make the access to this kind of information much more convenient and easy for everyone and also to discourage any such actions as to hide these kind of information.

MSG members said that they will fully cooperate with EITI Validation team and will present them the all the documents and proofs which indicates positive developments with AEITI and MoMP which were the result of greater CSOs, MoMP and Private Sector’s involvement.

The EITI Validation team will be having consultation meetings with different stakeholders of AEITI. This process had started earlier in the November of 2017 and will continue by the end of January 2018. The Afghan Government expects that Afghanistan will get EITI complaint status after this Validation. For Now Afghanistan has a candidate status with EITI and if Afghanistan gets through with Validation process positively, Afghanistan will get compliant status.