MSG’s 51st Meeting Held

Afghanistan Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (AEITI) held its MSG’s standard meeting on May 4, 2021 under the chairmanship of H.E the Minister of Mines & Petroleum Muhammad Haroon Chakhansuri at the Museum Conference Hall of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum.

Muhammad Haroon Chakhansuri: The goal of MSG should be to maintain and keep safe Afghanistan's candidacy in EITI.

The 51st meeting of MSG was chaired by the Minister of Mines and Petroleum, Muhammad Haroon Chakhansuri. In this meeting, in addition to approving the 7th AEITI report, other relevant issues related to MSG were also discussed.

Minister of Mines and Petroleum, Muhammad Haroon Chakhansuri, while welcoming the members of the group, said: The purpose of holding this meeting is to approve the 7th AEITI Report in a timely manner and to publish it, to hear the opinions of the group members and to make decisions based on evaluating the opinions.

"We expect the relevant working groups to start working as soon as possible on the EITI forms required for future validation and reporting processes to avoid delays in future processes," he added.

In this meeting, finalization of 7th Report, preparation of the 8th Report, the completion of related forms and introduction of alternate members were discussed.


At the end of the meeting, Muhammad Haroon Chakhansuri thanked the members of the group for their active participation and made the following suggestions: -

  • Ensuring transparency is the responsibility of all of us, and in this area, all members of the group must fulfil their responsibilities.
  • Names and details of those members who make absentees in meetings will be published
  • Members who are absent in three consecutive sessions shall be expelled from the group in accordance with the terms and conditions of the ToR and Operational Procedure.
  • The issue of the AUDIT of financial statements of the enterprises should be followed and reviewed with the Ministry of Finance
  • Next week, the first meeting of the Working Committee (G1) has to be held to take serious steps towards finalization of 7th AEITI Report by the end of June 2021.