MSG siting on the recruitment of AEITI National Coordinator


Due to shortage of time, H.E. cut short her opening speech and only two important matters on the agenda were discussed; the first matter on hand was presenting the evaluation report on the transparency of recruitment of National Coordinator.

H.E. asked the members of the committee to present their findings with the members. Mr. Nasir Timory, Mr. Afzal Sherzad and Mr. Bashir Andesha were the members of the evaluation committee and Mr. Aman Sultani and Mr. Abdul Waheed Khalili participated in the process as observer and facilitator respectively. Mr. Bashir Andesha presented the report to the members of the MSG. According to Mr. Bashir Andesha, the mentioned committee held the meeting on 27th August at the office of WADAN. The committee in its first step evaluated the written tests of all candidates and the members found the process transparent. Mr. Bashir Andesha cited that Mr. Jafari was given comparably lesser marks than the others but said that he and the members found the process overall transparent. When Mr. Andesha started to present the report, it was evident that the main issue/complaint was as to why the interview’s date and results were changed two times. Mr. Andesha called the claims as baseless and added that after the evaluation, the committee members agreed to give 10 extra points to all the candidates because they were below the passing threshold. According to Mr. Andesha 10 other extra marks were given in the end which totaled 20 extra marks. In the end the selected candidate got 80 marks and the alternate candidate got 75.5 marks. Mr. Andesha said that one member of the committee had interfered in the process and had instructed that the offer should be sent to the selected candidate after the evaluation of the educational documents of the candidate.

After the report was presented, Mr. Hameed Sherani, member of the recruitment panel said that out of 4 panel members, Mr. Ashaq Hussain Salarzai was the only panel member who was against sending the offer letter to the selected candidate and repeatedly interfered in the process and had asked for the re-evaluation of the interview which resulted in delay. Mr. Sherani said that the whole process was transparent and well recorded. Mr. Aman Sulatani who had participated as observer said that the complaint made was as to why the result of the interview wasn’t announced on the same day.

H.E. asked the question as to why the result of the interview was delayed. In response to H.E Mr. Sherani said that the process was delayed due to Mr. Salarzai’s objections and undue interference in the process, otherwise the whole process was transparent and the panel members were under no pressure. Responding to it, Mr. Salarzai said that he didn’t interfere in the process and had only asked for the attestation of the educational documents of selected and alternate candidates and if the selected candidate was unable to provide his documents, the offer should be given to the alternate candidate. Mr. Abdul Waheed Khalili said that the result of the interview wasn’t signed by Mr. Salarzai. In the meantime H.E. asked for the CVs of the selected and alternate candidates. During this time, Mr. Habib Nang asked Mr. Sherani if there was any pressure on the panel members to which Mr. Sherani replied that there weren’t any and if there might have been, they the panel members wouldn’t have accepted it. He added that after the interview one member of the panel tried to impress upon the process. Mr. Sherani said that if the members of the MSG will listen to the interview of the alternate candidate, Mr. Bismal, the mentioned candidate will surely fail.

After listening to the arguments of the members, H.E. directed that to ensure the transparency, the position of the national coordinator of AEITI should be re-announced on September 5th and two weeks’ time should be given for its closing and added that a new panel will be setup for it. But Mr. Sherani expressed his opposition to the decision of H.E and said that no further time should be wasted and the evaluation report should be taken into consideration which impresses upon the transparency of the process but again H.E. didn’t agree with him and said that it is a very sensitive matter and it rises doubts and uncertainties and therefore it should be re-announced. 

H.E. asked the members present as to who was in favor of giving the offer letter to the selected candidate for 3 months probationary period to which out of eight members present, only 3 members agreed with. The rest 5 members were of the opinion that the position should be re-announced.

It was decided that the position of the secretariat’s head should be re-announced on 5th September and after two weeks when the position if closed the written test and interview should be taken on the same day and likewise the result should also be announced on that same day. It was also decided that two separate committees, one for taking written test and one for interview should be setup.

Mr. Sherani lodged his protest against this decision and added that the process was transparent and in this meeting the both panel members and evaluation committee was insulted.

Mr. Nang emphasized that the decision of the evaluation committee should be respected because the process was transparent and therefore the decision should be taken on this matter today and the selected candidate should be sent the offer letter. 

The Procurement of 6th EITI Report and Selection of a Committee for Shortlisting Companies:

Briefing the members on the procurement process of 6th EITI report, Mr. Khalili said that only one company has applied for the production of the EITI 6th Report and as per the procurement law, with a company solely, the process can’t be taken forward. He added that first we wanted to take forward this process on the basis of QCBS method or open merit but as this process can’t be taken forward with one company, the secretariat discussed this matter with World Bank and MoF procurement department and they suggested that as there is a time shortage and lack of interest from firms, the process should be taken forward on the basis of CQS method. After the brief the MSG agreed that the process should be taken forward on the basis of CQS method. To work on the 6th EITI report procurement process, a three member committee was established which included Mr. Habib Nang from CSO, Mr. Ahmad Ramin from Private Sector and a representative to be introduced by MOMP.