MoMP Signs MoUs With 9 Different Entities

The Ministry of Mines & Petroleum (MoMP) signed various key memorandum of understanding with the private sector, environment, academic community and the civil society – to improve and strengthen its communications and further coordination.

The main purpose of signing these MoUs:

•   Strengthening and expanding cooperation between the parties to raise public awareness, transparency, accountability and co-operation on legal mining.

• Supporting and attracting investment in the extractive industries; identifying the challenges, opportunities in the extractive industries of the country through joint partnerships.

•  Establish effective mechanisms for cooperation with the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum and security agencies to prevent illegal mining.

• Contribute to awareness raising programs on the challenges and opportunities in the country's extractive industries sector.

•  Contribute to the preparation of annual reports on mining activities in the country.

•  Support the activities of the parties in various mining and private sector processes.

• Contracts in accordance with the law and regulations of the mines to cooperate with the necessary coordination and support.

•  Supporting the mining and processing sector according to the rules and procedures.

•  Modify regulations, policies and procedures for greater investor support.

•  Creating job opportunities for citizens of the country.

•  Providing the role and participation of the private sector in the implementation of mining projects.

•  Assist in the preparation of annual reports on mining activities in the country.


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