Journalists’ and CSOs Workshop on the MoMP Online Transparency Portal

On 12th March 2019, a workshop for journalists and representatives from Civil Society Organisations took place at the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MoMP) in Kabul. In total, more than 24 people participated. The focus of the workshop was on the MoMP’s Online Transparency Portal, as it was the aim to increase media coverage on the Afghan mining sector and make information more accessible. The MoMP, the Afghan-German Cooperation and AEITI facilitated the workshop with RDF as an implementation partner. The Online Transparency Portal is fed with update information of MoMP’s internal digital mining cadastre by the minute and represents an essential step in Afghanistan’s EITI validation process. It has been officially launched in November 2018, but has received little attention since although the data is greatly required by the Afghan public to be better informed on the mining sector.

Throughout all committed discussions we had at workshop, one fact was confirmed by all participants, trainers and organisers alike with great confidence and dedication: The MoMP Online Transparency Portal is in itself a formidable source of information that holds immense potential for the Afghan mining governance process and involvement of the national and international public. Therefore, it needs to be recognised and used properly – a process which would have to be carried forward by the workshop participants and the MoMP as well as AEITI. The workshop was an essential step on this way, and would possibly have to be repeated with other participants. Despite the fact that a great variety of CSOs have been attending at the event, journalists’ presence has been limited, leaving some room for further action.

MoMP would be responsible for all data shared through the portal and can be contacted for any clarification needed on this behalf. AEITI would of course be interested in such feedback as well.