Invitation to MSG Elections - Private Sector's Constituency

To the Attention of: The Extractive Companies!


As you know, the Afghanistan- Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (AEITI) extended an invitation for MSG elections on 17th Jun 2020 through its Facebook and Website pages. We received applications for the first round of the elections but unfortunately the process was reinitiated because most of the candidates didn’t comply with criteria of the Private Sector's Election’s Procedure. Therefor As per observation of the MEIC members, the Private Sector's election went to its 2nd round but still we weren’t able to find eligible candidates according to the criteria, which resulted in further postponement of the process.


Hence attached to this e-mail is the final list of interested companies that have been collected from various source by AEITI Secretariat, and you are sincerely requested to provide information of more companies (operating in the mining sector), if there are any and are not mentioned in the list  by August 29, 2020 as per below required information.


  1. Company Name :
  2. Contact Person Name:
  3. Contact Person contact No :
  4. Contact Person Email Address:
  5. Province/ office Address


Your support in proceeding of a transparent election is valued.




Afghanistan Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative


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