Infographics report on Afghanistan Extractive Industries

For the last several years onward Afghanistan Extractive Industries Transparency initiative (AEITI) has been publishing reports on the extraction of mines and the payments government receives, and simultaneously oversighting this process. AEITI is wishing that the government should apply and implement EITI’s standards and meanwhile to share and express what the government received or receives from the mining sector with its public.

Afghanistan Extractive Industries Transparency initiative (AEITI), also asks the extractive companies working in mining sector in Afghanistan to report and show what they pay to the government. In the past five years AEITI has published four reconciliation reports in regard of extractive industries in the country and currently is working on the 5th reconciliation report.

All the published reports contain detailed data and information that the government, private sector, civil society and the public needed to know. The following attached file (INFORGRAPHICS) will definitely add more to your knowledge about the mines and mining in Afghanistan. In infographics, you can visually see and read information about various extractive agreements, the extraction limit and measures of active extractive companies, payments that the companies have done to the government, what the government received from the companies, the taxations that the government had received from the companies and the impacts of revenues on the national budget collected or received from the extractive industries.

In infographics you can easily find out that which mines are currently under extraction and how much revenue does the government receives on annual basis from these extractions. At the same time relevant graphic information about the license providence process has also been shared in this report. Detailed data and information about what AEITI is? And what sort of information and data does it provide in regard of transparency in the revenue of mines in Afghanistan, all such information is one click away from you in the following link on handed bellow:-