H.E. Chakhansuri: Afghanistan Will Resume Its Candidacy With EITI

Mohammad Haroon Chakhansuri, Acting Minister of Mines and Petroleum, spoke at the 47th session of the MSG on Saturday, July 14, 2020 at Museum Hall MoMP.

At the meeting, which was held via video conference; Mark Robbinson, Head of International Secretariat (EITI), Sam Barlit, Head of Technical Department (EITI), Alex Gordy, Head of Credit Department (EITI), World Bank Representatives, Waliullah Zadran, Deputy Minister of Policy, Naser Timory, a member of the MSG, members of the private sector, civil society and media representatives were present.

At the beginning, the new acting minister of mines and petroleum gave a speech and stated: "The Afghan government is committed to implementing EITI; In order to put an end to the suspension of Afghanistan's membership, it is necessary that all legal steps be taken to ensure the necessary speed and progress in the implementation of the process.

He added: "Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus in the country, some conditions and aspects of the initiative, including the sixth Report, had been delayed." In this regard, we ask the members of the multi-stakeholder group to cooperate in completing the activities to enable us to restore our candidacy.

"We will work with all stakeholders for transparency and accountability," Mr Chakhansuri said. In order to regain Afghanistan's membership in the organization, it is necessary to ensure clear movement, speed and transparency in the mining sector.

He added: "We see the prosperity of Afghanistan in the mining sector, and for the country's economic development, we are moving towards transparency and speed of action with practical plans in this sector." He also stated that those agreements that have legal problems or in which they have been corrupted, will be seriously examined in you cooperation and the violators will be dealt with legally.

Then, Mark Robinson, head of the International Secretariat for Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), said that Afghanistan was the first country to hold multi-stakeholder group meetings remotely.

"Understanding that implementing countries are having trouble implementing the EITI process, the EITI Board decided to be flexible in the process of preparing EITI reports, the accreditation process and the meetings of multilateral groups," he added.

The meeting also discussed Afghanistan's request for re-validation and the election process of civil society members and the private sector.