Discussions took place about the transparency of extractive industries in five Northern Provinces of Afghanistan


In the north of Afghanistan representatives of civil society, government and private sector of five of the northern province of Afghanistan were briefed about the activities and performances of AEITI and beside that, details of 5th reconciliation report was also shared with mentioned entities representatives. In this one day workshop funded by GIZ, information shared with participants, about the mining abilities of the country (exploitation and exploration), revenues and the need for transparency in the extractive sector of Afghanistan. In another chapter of the one day workshop participants were briefed in regard of the reforms of the mining law and as well as they were told about the issues related to beneficial ownership and its definition. 

According to the participants of the workshop, they furtherly added that, the Afghan government is committed and working hard to register all sort of information about those who have mining contracts and disclose them by 2020. Developments that have taken place about registering information about the beneficial owner and   the disclosure of beneficial owner and all other relevant developments in the regard were shared with participants and meanwhile they were shown the form which is for beneficiaries to fill whom are benefited by the extraction of mines or whom are having mining contracts and this form will be shared on the website of MoMP. The workshop was attended by the staff of civil society working in Balkh and Jawzjan, Sarpul, Samangan and Baghlan provinces, engaged in or in mining related fields. Employees of the directorate of mines of the mentioned provinces also participated in this workshop and shared their views, information and problems they have related to the mines in their provinces.

Their demand from the Afghan government was, to extract the under earth wealth of Afghanistan in a transparent way which must benefit the nation.  Participants also suggested that Afghanistan Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative has to expand and explore its activities with the government, in order to prevent from mining losses and furtherly to benefit Afghans from revenues of the mining sector. A day before this workshop in Balkh province over 20 female employees of the directorate of mines and the oil and gas refinery department of Balkh province were briefed about AEITI and its activities and beside that as a part of the outreach program findings of AEITI 5th reconciliation report was also shared with them.