CSOs Meeting Held to Review the Draft MSG CSOs Election Procedure

Jan 28, 2020: A meeting was held on Tuesday on the CSOs election Procedure for the upcoming MSG elections – the meeting was hosted by IWA and representative of different CSOs networks participated in it. The meeting was held in the backdrop of the MSG decision and Validator’s concerns over the previous CSOs elections where the Validator had cited the process as not fully transparent and had urged for more openness and transparency in the process. The process also had a negative impact on the Validation of Afghanistan in the area of MSG governance and therefore to address the issue, it was brought to the MSG and following extensive consultations with different stakeholders including donors, CSOs, Government and EITI international secretariat, the CSOs were requested by the secretariat to develop a procedure which abides by the EITI standard and general norms of transparency for elections and a draft procedure was developed which was later shared with the MSG and other relevant stakeholders.

The meeting held by the CSOs was to re-review the draft procedure and incorporate the remedial actions recommended by the international secretariat and World Bank to conform to the EITI standard and avoid irregularities in the election of the upcoming CSOs representation at the MSG.

The draft procedure saw several proposed amendments during the meeting from the participants with regard to CSOs’ representation also taking into account gender equality in terms of representation and it was decided that the revised version of the CSOs election procedure will be shared with the participants and that they will get back to Integrity Watch within 2 days if they had any objections or comments and the approved document shall be shared with Civil Society Joint Working Group for final approval on the behalf of civil society organizations.

The AEITI secretariat also participated in the meeting as an observer.