Beneficial Ownership discussed with the representatives of five provinces


Information about BO in mining contracts in Afghanistan was broadly explained by AEITI team to members of civil society and private sector of Kabul, Logar, Parwan, Kapisa and Wardak provinces, and it was also discussed that to which extent disclosing information about the beneficial owner in mining contracts can cause transparency in this portion. Workshop participants asked that, the Afghan government should take serious steps to bring transparency in the extractive sector. Mr. Ali Raza Jaferi legal advisor to the deputy administration of MoMP, presented a presentation to the participants about the efforts of MoMP in regard of BO. He said in accordance with the EITI standards Ministry of Mines & Petroleum is committed to establish a clause or regulation of BO in the mining contracts till 2020. The Afghan government since last year has started its efforts in this section and has also created a strategy for this. The AEITI MSG has already passed the definition of Beneficial Owner at MoMP, and is trying to place Beneficial Ownership into the mining law of Afghanistan. On the other page of the workshop, AEITI reports and recommendations were also shared with the participants. Participants emphasized that AEITI should expand their work towards showing more transparency about the mining revenue and expand their activities to prevent corruption. Representatives of civil society and private sector of five provinces also discussed the need for using international experience in transparency of extractive sector in Afghanistan and furtherly added that mines should be utilized for the benefit of the Afghans only. The workshop was supported by GIZ, aimed to enhance public awareness by Afghanistan Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative about transparency in the mining sector and also shared information about binging transparency in the mining sector of Afghanistan.