Awareness on AEITI and Beneficial Ownership to students and teachers of Kabul Polytechnic University

AEITI secretariat's activities and the benefits of the initiative in Afghanistan was taken under a sharing discussion during a one-day workshop, in which over 150 students and lecturers from the Kabul Polytechnic mining division took part. Students from the different portions of the mining division showed high level of interest about the initiative (AEITI), and furtherly asked various questions about the mining transparency in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, with full details the activities, benefits of AEITI for the last 8 years was presented to them. Even though participants didn’t have sufficient or clear information in regard of Afghanistan Extractive Industries transparency Initiative (AEITI), but at the end of the workshop as they were finely briefed, by AEITI team, they indeed tremendously recommended the existence of AEITI secretariat in Afghanistan. Comprehensive information about EITI and its secretariat in Afghanistan, and the commitments of Afghan Government to this initiative was shared with participants in the workshop. Although that the cycle of AEITI mostly runs around increasing transparency in extractive sector, however, participants requested that government should give more consideration and develop the efforts of AEITI for the purpose of defecting corruption and protecting the natural resources investment sections.

The one day workshop had various productive phases as, the students were also explained about the EITI standards and that both the member and candidate countries are obliged to implement them. Besides students were also briefed in detail about the many other activities of AEITI, and they were also given information about the MSG, multi stakeholder group. Core information shared with students and the lecturers in regard of AEITI were consist of the followings:-

·       Effective monitoring and evaluation by MSG. The MSG consists 6 members from the government, 6 from the private sector and 6 from the civil society, in total it’s a branch of 18 members group.

·       Preparing and spreading AEITI reconciliation reports (Up to now AEITI has prepared and spread 5 reconciliation reports).

·       Inside the AEITI reports transparently and publically showing that how much revenue the governments gains from the extractive sector and as well as that to which extent do the companies pay to government.

·       Confidently and transparently implementing international standards in the mining sector.

·       AEITI outreach trips which also shows a line of transparency in the mining sector.

Beneficial Ownership (BO) was another angle of the AEITI one day workshop at Kabul Polytechnic that they were given some clear light about. BO has significant direct impact on transparency in the mining sector which indeed shows all aspects of the mining contracts. One of the main objectives of BO is to finger out those whom are keen to work and be benefited from the extraction of mines.

Back in March 2009 Afghan government agreed to accept the principles and rules of the initiative and in February 2010 at Oslo, Norway – Afghanistan was given a candidate country status by the international board of EITI. Afghanistan is still a candidate EITI country and in January 2018 Afghanistan had its validation process being validated by EITI international board, therefore, it’s expected that Afghanistan will be given a member country status. AEITI till now has spread 5 reconciliation reports and currently working on its 6th reconciliation report which will be for the years 2016 & 17, there will be vast information about the companies and the revenues of government from the extractive sector. This one day workshop was fundded by GIZ.