Afghanistan Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative held its MSG’s 49th Meeting


The 49th meeting of the Afghanistan Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (AEITI) Multi-Stakeholder Group was held under the chairmanship of H.E Muhammad Haroon Chakhansuri, Minister of Mines and Petroleum of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

The meeting was attended both physically and virtually through Skype by new and former members of the Multi-stakeholder Group; including officials from Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, Ministry of Finance, respresentatives from CSOs Private Sector, EITI and World Bank.

Muhammad Haroon Chakhansuri, Minister of Mines and Petroleum, said in his speech: "I am glad to see that the 49th meeting of MSG is taking place with the participation of new MSG members." I hope that with their active participation, we will fulfil the requirements of EITI, which is necessary to maintain Afghanistan's candidacy.

Muhammad Haroon Chakhansuri said: "Some MSG members did not participate satisfactorily in the group meetings and on the other hand the same scenario has been experienced from some the entities too, that they lacked cooperation in the EITI process in Afghanistan. We strongly urge all entities involved in this process to cooperate fully in the AEITI reporting, validation process and other AEITI relevant matters. Also, we strongly urge the newly elected MSG members to actively participate and get involved all MSG meetings and MSG related sessions. In order to avoid any hindrance and delay in the future, the Secretariat is instructed to present the MSG's attendance report every 6 months so that a decision should be taken regarding the MSG members' absentees based on their ToR.

It is worth mentioning that in this meeting 7th AEITI report extension, Audit of financial statements of SoEs by SAO and formation of new MSG groups were also discussed.