Afghan Parliament Members Discussed Transparency within Mining Sector with International Experts at Workshop


In this workshop held at New Delhi, several Afghan Parliament members emphasized that there was a dire need of transparency and prevention of illegal mining in the extractive sector of Afghanistan.

In this three day workshop sponsored by GIZ, International mining experts discussed with members of the Parliament on the matters on how Afghanistan can curb corruption and bring transparency. The members emphasized that the Afghan Government and companies active in the sector should learn from the experiences of other countries in production and extraction so that the Government and general public are able to benefit from it.

In this sitting, the participants were introduced to EITI and its standards and what can Afghanistan achieve by implementing these standards. The members of the natural resource committee of the national assembly expressed their concerns over the current situation of mining sector and called for experiences and lessons learned to be shared with Government and Companies in this regard.

The honorable members of the National Assembly, Mr. Ramzan Jumazad, Mr. Raza Khoushak and Ms. Raihana Azad stressed on formulating multidimensional policies to strengthen the extractive sector and increase the revenues of the Government from the sector.

The participants of this workshop asked for the international community to provide for mining experts and expertise to help with the mining law and its regulations and to ensure that Government make the access to information more easy and convenient.