AEITI Two Day Training Session on 6th AEITI Report

AEITI held a two day reconciliation session for 6th AEITI report; the reconciliation session was part of efforts to raising the quality of the upcoming 6th AEITI report which was critical for Afghanistan EITI following suspension. Over the two days session, representatives from MoMP, MoF, AEITI secretariat, State-owned Enterprises and Independent Administrator participated where the companies payments were reconciled with the government revenues based on the supporting documents provided by each of the parties - to avoid inconsistencies and gaps in the EITI report. The representatives of the companies were invited to the session where the data of the respective companies were inspected by IA; these included the filling-in of the reporting templates correctively, ensuring the data was presented for the intended reporting period, and that wrong entries were correct by the government and companies. The initiative was taken in the wake of the errors by some companies in filling-in the reporting template, reporting out of scope of out of reporting-period data, missing entries for the payments companies lost their slips, not reporting the Beneficial Ownership correctly, etc. The training session was a good practice on part of AEITI secretariat where senior government officials of relevant agencies/ministries and companies’ representatives got to build their capacity on EITI standard and reporting expectations as well as the data gap were reconciled to the extent that the companies and governments could provide relevant supporting documents and matching these documents against the ones presented by the other party.

In the first session of the training, the participants mostly worked on ensuring that the data related to MoMP were reported correctly by both of the parties, while the second session of the training included discussions with regard to MoF tax reports where is was observed that all of the companies have under-reported their tax payments due to missing slips. It was mutually agreed that the MoF tax revenues were derived from the systems which were correct and the companies have changed their templates accordingly. The session was of immense importance for the participants, especially companies’ representatives to understand how the EITI reporting worked and what IA expected of them to report in order to meet its objectives.