AEITI Publishes 6th Afghanistan EITI Report

Afghanistan EITI publishes its 6th EITI report Sunday 30th June 2019 – the report summarizes information about the reconciliation of fiscal and non-fiscal revenues from the extractive sector in Afghanistan as part of the implementation of the EITI standard 2016 for the years 1395 and 1396 (2015/16 – 2016/17) respectively. In this context, companies and Government Agencies report payments and revenues respectively. In addition, this report includes a reconciliation of revenues paid by State-Owned Enterprises (i.e. Afghan Gas Enterprise - AGE and North Coal Enterprise - NCE) and the cash flows contributed to the State budget.

The report is aimed to assist the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in identifying the positive contribution that mineral resources make to the economic and social development of the country and to realize their potential through improved resource governance that encompasses and fully implements the requirements of the EITI Standard.

The decision to publish the 6th AEITI report publicly was taken in the MSG meeting dated 30 June 2019, where the MSG approved the report to be published publicly - the report provides individual recommendations to Government ministries/departments for present issues and challenges for extra transparency in the extractive sector; among many is the implementation of EITI Standard. The Government of Afghanistan is seeking for developing policies and legal frameworks which will help the economy of the country and increase within its revenues from the sector. Along the lines, strengthening the revenue management, transparency within the sector and access to information by public is also the priority of the Afghan Government.

Unlike previous reports, the 6th AEITI report sets precedence over other AEITI reports in quality and coverage of the extractive sector of Afghanistan where the MSG along with MoMP and other stakeholders have gone beyond EITI standard in disclosing data of the extractive sector – the report also covers information on the beneficial ownership which was required post EITI standard 2016.

According to the data collected from Ministries, revenues generated from the extractive sector totaled AFN 3.27 billion in 1396 and AFN 1.87 billion in 1395 after the reconciliation work, hence an increase of 42%.The main reconciled revenues were royalties collected by the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MoMP) and Corporate Income Tax (CIT) and Business Receipts Tax (BRT) 4% collected by the Ministry of Finance (MoF). These revenues totaled AFN 2.40 billion in 1396 and AFN 1.35 billion in 1395.


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