AEITI Performance - PFM 2016 Mid-Year Performance Tracking Report

AEITI is part of the inaugural 5-year rolling Fiscal Performance Improvement Plan by the Government of Afghanistan forms the basis of the PFM reforms outlined by the President and the Minister for Finance to the International Community in Kabul in late 2015.

The PFM is a vehicle for implementation of the public finance management roadmap II and presents a sequence based plan for reforms within a performance management framework. The development of this plan has been a Government driven process with a high degree of ownership over the proposed reforms. The Government recognizes that improvement in fiscal planning and management is crucial for the long-term development of Afghanistan. This plan covers the full spectrum of reforms, from developing a fiscal policy framework to guide the budget, analysis of fiscal space, adopting a medium term expenditure framework with a consolidated national budget, improved cash management and commitment controls, with upgraded systems that integrate procurement, contract management and cash management, and improved reporting and audit of public expenditure.

 The PFM reforms make an assessment of the systems and performance of the different departments of the ministry and help those departments to overcome challenges they face. It is an initiative which with bolster the record-keeping systems within the ministry and will also enhance the performance which will lead to relief for AEITI in accessing accurate data/information from the said ministry. According to this assessment, AEITI secretariat has been placed in the top ten out of 60 departments with regard to performance and introducing reforms within the sector.

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