AEITI Outreach Workshop to the MoF’s Directorate at Herat


In their meeting with the newly appointed director of Herat Mastofiat, Ms. Fiaqa Alizada, the AEITI outreach team thanked her for the support she extended to the team and also for the instructions she gave her team to help the team. She assured the AEITI team that transparency in the revenue management is her first priority and she will make sure that during her tenure it remains so.

In its workshop to the mastofiat, the AEITI outreach team delivered a presentation to around 50 employees of the mustofiat, in which the director of the mustofiat also participated.

The Director of Herat mastofiat assured the AEITI team that with regard to extractive sector she will make sure that all the relevant information is shared with AEITI and directed her department officials to share the data collected from the extractive sector with the secretariat. The officials of the Herat mastofiat said that there were 23 active extractive contracts with the directorate in which some have debts to the Government.

The AEITI outreach team in its workshop to the local officials of the mastofiat presented a brief description of EITI and also the 5th EITI report was shared with them.

In this workshop, the employees were briefed on the activities and implementation of EITI in Afghanistan; they were briefed on how EITI works and how it was compulsory that information with regard to extractive sector should be shared with AEITI as per the mineral law of Afghanistan. Stressing on the same, they were also informed about “access to information” law which granted anyone the right to request information of any government agency.

The natural resources of Afghanistan are called the backbone of the country. As per the report of the US institution NASA, the natural resources of Afghanistan are worth 3 trillion dollars. These resources have the potential to make Afghanistan one of the developed countries. The Afghanistan Government intends to expand the extraction of its natural resources and is hopeful that within coming 15 years, get 3 billion dollars revenue from the extractive sector.