AEITI Holds a Public Awareness Workshop for CSOs' Representatives


A two day public awareness workshop was held in Kabul with the support of GIZ Office on 1st and 2nd December 2019. The workshop was attended by 45 representatives from different CSOs' networks.

Important topics such as the general introduction of AEITI and how the multi-stakeholder group (MSG) oversees the extractive sector; the infographics' outline of the AEITI 6th Report, EITI standard, Community Based Monitoring and development agreement, Advocacy and lobby for complaints, AEITI reports CS recommendations, mining and environment protection, the role of Civil Society with regard to mining sector, mining project cycle, Mineral Law and regulations, transparency portal and active contracts were among others discussed during the workshop.


At the conclusion of the workshop, the participants who were divided into different working groups, discussed the challenges and provided their suggestions to the Government, Private Sector and CSOs with regard to the governance and monitoring of the extractive sector.