AEITI Held an MSG Review Session on the Draft 6th AEITI Report

Tuesday: AEITI held a one day review session on its 6th report; the session was held to give stakeholders an opportunity to review and compare the data they had provided to the Independent Administrator (IA) for the report. In this session a total of 5 groups were made where each group was assigned chapters of the initial draft of the 6th AEITI report. It should be mentioned that the initial draft of the report was already shared with the participants before the MSG meeting held on June 10, 2019 where it was decided that a follow-up review session should be organized to give the MSG members and other stakeholders an opportunity to review the data provided to IA in a dedicated environment. The participants included MSG members, CSOs, Private Sector, National Statistics and Information Authority, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, Ministry of Commerce and Trade and Supreme Audit Office.

At the end of the workshop, comments/inputs given by each group were collected. The comments would be sent to IA to include in the report which will help in its quality – the report is set to be published by the end of June 2019, where a follow-up MSG meeting would be held to endorse the report and publish it publicly.