New members have been elected for MSG from the private sector

For better and enhanced implementation of EITI’s standards, Afghanistan Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (AEITI) planned an election for the selection of new MSG members from the private sector on February 8th, 2017. Through the mentioned election, the private sector elected and introduced six new representatives for MSG membership.

The new mwmbers are from  MCC/MJAM, CNPC, Core Drillers, ACCI, Misaq Sharq and Khoshak Brothers companies.

The new selectees will be active in MSG for three consecutive years to have busy hands in issues related to the extractive industries, they will be participating regularly in all MSG, meetings and sessions, where they will be makes decisions upon implementation of EITI standards in Afghanistan and overseeing the implementation of EITI standards whether implemented by Afghanistan Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative in the country.

The MSG in total has 18 members, a consisting of 6 members each from private sector, government and the civil society. Through the efforts put by the private sector, five famous companies working in the extractive industries with a one member from Afghanistan’s Chamber of Commerce and Industries will be working together under MSG’s framework up to 2020 to help implement EITI’s standards in Afghanistan, and as well as will be committed, to spread that how much of payments have been received or payed in regard of mining revenues.