Title Category
Minutes of 51st MSG Meeting 4th May 2021 Minutes 2015-2021
DG-LSM detailed list of all Projects for 1397 and 1398 Data for 7th AEITI Report
Confidentiality Protocol For Data Collection For 7th AEITI Report Public Documents
AEITI Annual Progress Report 2020 Annual Progress Reports
Minutes of 50th MSG Meeting 30th March 2021 Minutes 2015-2021
Post-award Third Party Assessment Report for 1397/1398 Public Documents
7th EITI Afghanistan Report Contextual Data Reconciliation Reports
7th EITI Afghanistan Inception Report Reconciliation Reports
Legal Directorate's Report on Mining Law and Memorandum of Understanding on the Use of Construction Materials Data for 7th AEITI Report
FY2018-2019 (1398) Afghanistan Summary Data Data for 7th AEITI Report