What is EITI?

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) is an international standard that ensures transparency around countries’ oil, gas and mineral resources. In countries implementing the EITI, companies are required to publish what they pay to governments and governments are required to publish what they receive from companies. These figures are then reconciled by an independent administrator.

News & Events

  • MPs praised the AEITI activities

    MPs praised the AEITI activities Members of Natural Resources and National Economy commission of Lower House praised AEITI activities and call for sharing all kind of mining problems with the commissions....

  • MSG meeting discussed on 5th report

    MSG discussed the development of the 5th Report MSG meeting reviewed the current progress on the development of the 5th Report and taking into consideration the EITI deadline for publishing the report by...

  • Infographics report on Afghanistan Extractive Industries

    For the last several years onward Afghanistan Extractive Industries Transparency initiative (AEITI) has been publishing reports on the extraction of mines and the payments government...


Reports & Publications


The EITI Multi-Stakeholder Group (MSG) comprised of representatives from the Government, Extractive Sector and Civil Society oversees the EITI implementation process. MSG is the main decision-making and monitoring body responsible for setting objectives for EITI implementation, producing EITI reports and ensuring that the findings contribute to public debate.


Companies are at the core of the EITI process.

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In General the Government works together with EITI other stakeholders.

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Civil Society

Civil society has a crucial role to play in supporting the implementation of the EITI.

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AEITI Photo Contest

The AEITI is hosting a photo contest and will give away prizes (promotional materials) to the selected participants whose photo is selected by the AEITI secretariat for its uniqueness and quality. You can participate in the contest by sending us intersting photos of the extractive sector of Afghanistan; or any other photo of yours with our billboards in different areas of the country.

You can submit these photos through the following email: info@aeiti.af. Once your photo is selected, you will receive an email from us informing you about it and you will receive the information on how to claim your prize in details.